My Grandfather's Funny Eyebrows

Grandfathers are special! They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fat, some are thin. Some are tall, some are short. Some are funny, and some are not. Zayaan’s grandfather is special, too…and the most unique thing about him are his thick, scruffy eyebrows that are a sure giveaway to his many moods! Read this story and find out about Zayaan’s happy-sad-silly-grumpy-cheery-angry Grandpa and his funny-looking eyebrows!

About the Authors
Arthy Muthanna Singh is a children’s writer, freelance journalist, copywriter, editor and cartoonist, and has authored more than 35 children’s books. She has been helping her mother conduct the Ooty Literary Festival since 2016, and hopes to move to Goa someday.
Mamta Nainy is a children’s writer and editor. She spent some years in advertising before an apple fell on her head while she was sitting under a mango tree and she had her Eureka moment. She has been writing for children since then, including a number of award-winning titles.

Arthy M Singh & Mamta Nainy
Shreya Sen